Hello Book Lovers!

Years ago, when my children were young, I wanted to illustrate some of the stories we created together. I love to read and have a vivid imagination so as I tucked their little bodies into bed, we made up stories that helped them to fall off to Lalaland. It was then that I realized I wanted to put some of these stories to life. My journey as a book illustrator was not long and was tedious but I loved every moment. I took a course that helped me to understand the whole process and put together the book that I wanted to publish. Unfortunately, even though I sent it out to quite a few publishers it did not get published. At that same time, a good friend of mine started to share her stories of her amazing childhood. I told her she should put them to paper and she did. I illustrated the pages and we sent them to a publisher. It was accepted and my first illustrated book was published. After that I was contacted by another publisher that asked if I could illustrate a couple of books for a reading series. Andrea’s Fiddle was born and to my surprise I found it being read by on youtube by Richard Bauch. Here is the link to listen. Illustrating books was a laborious process but one I would enjoy doing again.

2 responses to “Hello Book Lovers!”

  1. You are so multi-talented! Very impressive!


    1. Thank you … you very talented too.


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