Water Lilies

Have you ever wondered about the painter’s process? A number of my paintings are inspired by beautiful outdoor scenery and lately I have been focusing on floral landscapes in an abstract style. I normally begin my process with some sort of inspiration. Last month I was inspired by the beautiful poinsettias that are typically displayed during the winter season. This month I have been drawn to the beautiful colors and shapes of lily pads in the temperate and tropical climates around the world. And of course, I am dreaming of these climates as we are in the coldest months of the year.

Once I have found my focus, I like to search for images to visualize the actual likeness of my subject. After that I begin with a blank page usually in a sketchbook and scribble marks on the page. I add layers of color and in this practice I began with black that does not cover the whole page. These marks and layers of color help to create depth. I used to try and create detail of the actual likeness but lately have been focusing more on shapes, forms, lines and patterns. My favorite part of the process is when I varnish my final piece. That is when all the texture, depth and markings are fully revealed.

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