How Do You Get Inspired?

Mixed Media Acrylic – Into The Forest 20″ x 20″ $340

Every Artist has ebbs and flows where we are either stuck in a phase or prolifically painting. During the ‘stuck’ times I often will look at courses online or scroll through artists’ work looking for inspiration. Recently I had the opportunity to take a stArtsWorkshop where the instructor guided us through a process to make abstract art with more freedom. The goal was to make art you love, reflect over your style, and develop a process you trust. The final result was a painting that has richness and depth. I followed her process for three paintings that were created with the same techniques but looked totally different, and then I worked on my own piece developing my own process. Although similar to her process, I fine tuned it to my preferences. I am quite happy with the final painting. Like all of my other paintings I just need to wait a week and revisit it to see if I need to make any final touches or changes.

One response to “How Do You Get Inspired?”

  1. I dont know ideas just pop in my head.


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