Beginning a New Piece

Every new painting is like throwing myself in the water without knowing how to swim

—Edouard Manet

“Meditation” 20in x 20in Acrylic on Canvas $340

Sometimes I begin a new piece with these great ideas in my head on how the painting will turn out and when I feel it is finished it is usually nothing like my expectations. I suppose this is what I love the most about Abstract Art. It is a journey and process. For this painting I really needed to have a quiet frame of mind and was inspired by the summer flowers, fields and flowing water.

It reminds me that we need to stop and reflect on the things that bring us peace and tranquility. Taking deep breaths and just enjoying life. Remembering that each paint stroke can be replaced by another until you feel complete or calm. Each layer, mistake, or redo brings us more into focus of what we want to achieve. So it may not look like my first intentions, but in the end when I feel done; I have enjoyed the paintings journey.

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